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posted on 28 Feb 2014 08:38 by promdressesing
105 million aid to michael the air nike jordans Exceeding 576, 000 syrian refugees fleeing civil war within his or her country now in jordan, they now comprise more than nine per cent of jordan thousands.This is putting a severe strain on the kingdom resources and commercial structure. Find out more:Harper, netanyahu admit to opinions on israeli settlements Is proud to be able to help jordan address the organization and security challenges it is facing cheap jordans shoes for sale as a result of the syrian conflict.Had earlier committed $110 million to help jordan confront the syrian refugees in health, higher educational and other needs. Find out more:Harper cancels trip to dome of the rock, a holy site no odder to conflict Government entities had also set aside $47.7 million for security related help address the impact of the Syrian crisis. More or less everything is on top of $203.5 million for point humanitarian assistance efforts in Syria and neighbouring countries since January 2012. Harper also publicized today Air Jordan 1 that $4.7 million will be allotted to help child refugees from Syria receive basic education. Approximately 35 per cent of the syrian refugees fleeing the civil war country are school aged children now jammed into jordanian public schools. Harper itinerary today also includes a delicious visit to the za refugee camp, which houses tens of thousands of syrian refugees who have fled their country. Is constantly on the show compassion and generosity by receiving syrian refugees fleeing the crisis in their country, told me harper. Support announced Air Jordan 4 today will help ensure that kids in jordan, whether state or refugees, can access a proper education.Two days in the muslim kingdom follow a triumphant visit to israel when he was treated like royalty by israeli officials and citizens alike for his unflinching support of the jewish state. Jordan and israel have had official diplomatic relations merely because signed a peace treaty in 1994.King abdullah views israel as a vital regional ally in the centre east. Harper began his first ever visit to jordan with a roundtable discussion that included number of business officials. Harper, who was coupled with international trade minister ed fast, made brief remarks about value of the canadian jordanian relationship.