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Guantanamo bay detention center Guantanamo bay detention center What is needed now is a precise date.Federal courts for the remaining prisoners if they've been charged at all, and release dates for criminals, if not officially charged. Legal remedy must made available to families of prisoners.All of objective.Must be made definite, not remain as long goals. If we want civil societies to treat us as we deserve to be treated nonviolently then we as a society must provde the best lawful policy and legal remedies to encourage non vengeful, decent control toward us.This time his message is about how president barack obama is things.Recently, which a person accusing["Examining interrogations 'outrageous, ' cheney statements, news flash, august.31] Obama of politicizing the torture study. Hypocrisy isn't surprising in the world of politics, but this example can beat all others.The main george w.Bush nightmare of an administration did everything as a a political angle.Solicitors?Think about the abs the war profiteering of halliburton and blackwater?Start gov.Don siegelman is in prison because of lies created by karl rove. Immediately we heard tom ridge, bush homeland equity czar, admit he was told to boost the terror alert status when it would support the bush agenda.And whenever we all gone soft as we try to on, the war in iraq had nothing regarding the attacks on 9/11.Does anyone require more examples? Real americans should be expressing their outrage that the networks continue to give cheney and friends credibility by endorsing their desperate act to put a positive spin on the most disastrous and culpable organization this country has ever known. The democratic have a collectively is dead.It becomes walking, but it is safely and comfortably dead.It's the time for a third party.Sure the democrats have had fluctuations but the long, slow slide started when we would not prosecute richard nixon for obvious crimes. We let the oil companies Pandora Bracelets Canada: steal from us your gas shortages.We failed to stand up to the is difficulty propaganda of ronald reagan.We never reinstate the fairness doctrine.Bush and his cronies for crimes committed in guatemala.We said nothing when bill clinton signed the telecoms act of 1997, which allowed unparalleled loan combination in news media and the spread of anti public propaganda worthy of tokyo rose or joseph goebbels. We allowed the top court to appoint george w.Bush to a posture he was clearly unsuited for and then re elected him again four years later.We let bush eliminate civil rights, violate the composition and lie us into two illegal wars. We allowed the appointment of top court justices that only serve the mega corporations and their leaders.And now we are allowing the right wing to kill true health related Cheap Pandora Beads reform, change that could transform the lives of immeasurable americans for the better, free citizens from dead end jobs just to maintain health insurance cover and create a new business climate that would add jobs for millions. For decades the democratic party has failed to stand strong facing propaganda, lies and folks who suffer from stolen our prosperity.It is time to start a true modern party, wooing actual liberals ones democratic party and wooing true patriots on republican party. We must begin right now, with all the current next election, and never fail to endure the bullies who are screaming in our faces as they reach into our pockets.What an embarrassment for our great country.Is our lawmakers so cowardly that a few loudmouth thugs like rush limbaugh can push it around? According to everyone created by this issue, the uighurs pose no prevention threat, yet the leaders of totally free whataburger coupons world, the 100 most powerful people in the sunshine, tremble at the thinking behind actually welcoming them into our communities. Appropriate well, i can see how a ton of good old boys in virginia might be terrified of a couple of guant detainees traveling about freely in their neck of the woods.I know the angst they must feel about maybe having to stand Pandora Silver Beads in the same line with them at kfc or safeway.But the people of washington state don seem to be hiding in their basements in horror of those who are quite different. Why don our vaunted senators be real leaders and invite them to stay here?Even with the high jobless rate, i am sure we can find some heart-Felt work for them here. Exceptionally, it wouldn be the end around the globe if the released prisoners came to washington state.Literally, i think we might feel a little pride in doing our share in righting this horrible wrong committed by the bush current operations. Our senators aren doing themselves any favors by cowering with other senate. I urge you to do this to keep our troops from being used as political pawns.Our brave soldiers risk their lives every day to guard and advance freedom.They put their country before by, and they deserve a government that puts their demands above politics.Any unnecessary delay of their funding dishonors the service and sacrifice of our troops and their loved ones. Reject putting funds in the war supplement bill that pay for the closure of the guantnamo bay detention facility, and fight the production Cheap Pandora Beads of the detainee abuse photos. These are vital issues to our national security and the ability of our troops to achieve their missions in iraq and afghanistan. Up to now year, many organizations and churches in seattle stood up and opposed the us government policies and practices of torturing prisoners.We have witnessed street demonstrations and huge banners on the fronts of churches and buildings.What is normally done about it?Practically. The same that was done about illegal wiretaps, scattered us into war in iraq, the obtaining of elections by george w.Bush and so many other major crimes.Almost next to very little.